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At Encantada Roof Works, we try to make the process as simple as possible. We offer 100% free estimates and inspections. Remember, no one receives a commission, guaranteeing you the best possible quote. So what services do we offer?

  • Free Inspections!  We know that setting up all of your home inspections is difficult and expensive. We do not charge for our roof inspections! Simply fill out our Free Inspection form and we will be there within 72 hours.  We are the fastest roof inspectors in town. Don't believe us? Schedule multiple inspections and see who shows up first!  We want to earn your business.When you receive your inspection report, you will be notified with what items need to be repaired, as well as photos to support those decisions.

  • Free Quotes!  Do you know that something is wrong, but aren't quite sure what it is? Our professional estimators will be out to your home quickly to give you a detailed quote and point out items that need to be repaired.  Ignoring roof damage only costs you more money. Get it resolved right away!

  • Price Beating!  Do you already have a quote from a competitor but you would like a better price? We almost always beat our competitors price because we want your business! Simply email us your quote and we will get back to you super fast with our pricing. We will earn your business!

  • We Service all Roof Types!  Most roofing companies turn down the "big" jobs because they can't handle the work. We work on tile, shingle and built up reflect roofs. Our roofers are professional, courteous and best of all, their product is amazing. You don't become Arizona's premier roofing company without having premier results!

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